Cubetto lets children create sequences of instructions to program the bot's movements

Cubetto is a wooden robot created by Primo Toys aimed at helping children aged three and up develop computer programming and STEM skills. The screen-less playset also consists of a control panel, a set of colorful coding blocks, a collection of illustrated maps, and an activity book.

Cubetto enables kids to write their first computer programs by placing the blocks in different patterns on the control panel, in order to create sequences of instructions that program the robot's movement. The colorful blocks are Forward, Left, Right, and Function. When they are arranged in the order you want them carried out and the start button is pressed, you can watch Cubetto execute a line of code. The accompanying maps and activity books enhance playtime by giving Cubetto different stories and challenges to navigate. Planning these mini adventures helps children learn to tell stories, communicate, and think critically and independently.

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