The abstract design was shown through multiple projectors in Qatar over a large wall for hundreds of guests

Wedding and event planner Fahad Signature tasked the US-based design firm Megavision Arts with creating a 3D art projection effect show in just three weeks. The projection, coined The Infinity Wall: A Modern Mirage, would cover a wall 30 feet high and a little over the length of a football field to showcase to 1200 guests. 

Megavision Arts' Creative Director David Corwin, met with the art director for the project Vincent Rogozyk to bring to life the abstract designs, using many of Signature's concepts as inspiration. Corwin and Rogozyk developed four basic scenes: Optical Waves, Piano Tiles, Ribbon Architecture and the Involuted Helix, melding them with synchronized sound effects for the guests to view on November 16 in Doha, Qatar.

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