App-Connected Breast Pump Focuses On A Mother’s Needs

App-Connected Breast Pump Focuses On A Mother’s Needs

Th device focuses on the biology of a mother feeding their child milk for a more comfortable experience

Zack Palm
  • 9 december 2016

Janica Alverez was having an atrocious time with the breast pumps on the market, as she felt they were were loud and uncomfortable to use. With a background in health care, she teamed up with her husband Jeff, who was a mechanical engineer that worked with medical devices, to provide an alternative. They created Naya, an app-controlled breast pump for nursing mothers.


Jeff took what Janica was using at the time, a Medela Pump and Style, and toyed with the design. In the process, Jeff tested if a hydraulic pump, a tool used in cataract eye surgery, could properly yield more milk comfortably and at greater quantities. The transition was a success.

The traditional design of a breast pump uses a vacuum suction and air pump to draw breast milk from a mother. Naya’s pump uses a water-based pump, making the process easier and more comfortable, and also quieter for those in the mother’s viscinity.


Naya comes with two components: the pump and the flange. The pump resembles a miniature medical cooler meaning it’s easy to transport from various locations and the flange consists of all the pumping equipment and fits over the woman’s breast to draw the milk. The flange’s in-built water-pump is constructed to closely resemble the soft texture of an infant’s mouth. Janica and Jeff were thinking about biomimicry when they fashioned Naya, in order to ensure that a child’s nursing technique remained as authentic as possible.

Mothers can control the pump’s strength through the application on their phones, or manually on the pump. On the application, mothers can even track how much milk they produce and how much milk is consumed on a daily basis. The milk they keep will have an expiration date, so mothers never have to manually keep track of how much milk they have in reserve or wonder if they’re running low.

Naya is already available to order and ship on the company website. Next year, Janica and Jeff are aiming to launch a smart bottle to track how much the baby feeds.


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