The installation at Design Miami explores the 25th hour, which represents bonus productive work or play time

Audi's 10th installation at Design Miami marks their decade anniversary at the annual design fair. This year the automaker created an installation titled “The Extra Hour” that speaks to the potential bonus time drivers can look forward to because of autonomous vehicle technology.

In the form of a giant clock, centered in the space is Audi's RS 7 piloted drive concept which is serving as a development vehicle for forthcoming Audi autonomous driving technology.

Liberated from the duties of driving, Audi predicts vehicle occupants will have more time to work, relax or even build LEGO. A focal point of the exhibit is human-scale numbers representing the 25th “extra hour” made entirely of lego bricks and figures. Audi partnered with LEGO to visually express the freedom and time consumption possibilities autonomous vehicles might enable one day.

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