Bike Battery Doubles As A Portable Boombox

Bike Battery Doubles As A Portable Boombox

Noordung has created a motorized bike with a pair of speakers attached to the front

Zack Palm
  • 1 december 2016

Noordung, an emerging Slovenian bike company, has released a battery-powered bike whose battery can detach to double as a speaker.

Noordung will only hand-make 15 of these bikes, each priced at €9,760. And so, this is why they’ll be known as the Angel Edition, as the buyers will be considered the company’s angels. Those who buy the bike will remain in contact with the company as they work out any issues or if buyers have any suggestions for the bike when it enters a full production stage in the future. Feedback is essential for Noordung from their first buyers as these bikes are still considered prototypes. They have promised to fix and provide maintenance on the bikes free of charge should any problems occur to the 15.

The battery sits between the seat and the handle bars with a pair of speakers surrounding the front. This allows the rider to have their phone playing music as they ride or have their phone sound off directions. The battery will even list a better route to a predetermined destination if there are more eco-friendly routes to ride.

noordung Portable Boombox

The battery will detach from the front of the seat to act as a portable phone, tablet or computer charger. The are two USB connectors for multiple devices. The speaker continues to work, as well, turning it into a boombox with a strong enough charge to play 100 hours of music. When the battery is detached a leather strap can hook onto both ends ensuring it doesn’t have to go in a bag or backpack while it’s transported.

The bike’s frame is made from a chrome black carbon frame, making it light and easy to carry. Below the seat is a motor attached to the bike chain giving riders the choice to have the battery on or off. On a single charge the battery will keep the bike moving up to 30 km.


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