Biocomposite Skateboard Provides An Eco-Friendly Ride

Biocomposite Skateboard Provides An Eco-Friendly Ride
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The Uitto is an eco-friendly skate deck crafted from Norwegian wood fibers

Zack Palm
  • 7 december 2016

Three words: Durable. Recyclable. Waterproof. Sounds like a skateboarding fiend’s dream, right? Bringing the traditional wooden board to the modern age, Uitto Boards has rolled in with an eco-friendly board solution that can weather temperature and moisture.


By using these wood fibers from Norway’s forests, each buyer has a unique deck pattern and the skateboards can stay waterproof, warp proof and 100 percent recyclable.

First launching on June 22, 2016, the team reached their goal on August 6, 2016, exceeding $20,000. Those interested can still purchase the Uitto Biocomposite through Indiegogo, choosing between the Uitto Biocomposite deck or the Uitto Biocomposite complete. The deck version has no wheels or trucks, while the complete version has these attached. Three colors are on offer: moss, stone or bark.

Uitto Boards

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