What happens when a company does beverage branding in reverse, letting music culture dictate its identity?

Plenty of brands target hip music venues in hopes of taking off with their audience. But what happens when the hip music venue’s head honcho is launching the brand? John Barclay, the managing owner of Brooklyn nightclub Bossa Nova Civic Club, is about to find out. The brand? White Label Yerba Mate Soda—a new, locally-produced version of a carbonated beverage his club helped popularize in North America to begin with.

Debuting across Brooklyn back on November 10, White Label is a soft drink based on yerba mate, a caffeinated leaf native to Argentina and southern Brazil commonly brewed as an alternative to coffee and tea. Though several carbonated mate beverages exist in Europe, one German brand, Club-Mate, developed a cult following among Berlin’s hacker and electronic music scenes, and found a fan in Barclay during a trip there 5 years ago.

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