London's Meantime Brewery maps out a customer's genes in order to create the best beverage suited to their palette

Have you ever wondered why you prefer some brews over others? The answer might be in your genetics, or at least one brewery in London thinks so. Meantime Brewery has been testing out creating beers based on a person's DNA.

It all started when the brand's brewmaster Ciaran Giblin mapped out his DNA to see if he could build a beer to his specific genetic preferences, a Double IPA, playing into his genetic taste for the bitter.

For those interested in having their own DNA-specific beer, the Meantime Bespoke process costs £25,000 ( or approximately $31,704). The fee includes sending the customer's saliva for genetic testing at 23andMe to look at the TAS2R38 gene which dictates whether a person will have a preference for sweet or bitter flavors.

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