With the acquisition of vlogger Casey Neistat's company Beme, the media company is looking to take its video journalism in new direction

In an unconventional move for the rather traditional media company, CNN has turned to star YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat in an effort to engage with a millennial audience. Having acquired the entrepreneur’s social media company Beme for a Wall Street Journal-confirmed $25m, CNN and Neistat reached an agreement to abolish the subsidiary in favor of a CNN-branded platform that facilitates discussions surrounding current events, alongside the uploading of ‘timely and topical videos.'

According to global head of CNN Digital Andrew Morse, Casey had tapped into nearly 6m viewers, the majority of which did not frequently tune into CNN. Proving advantageous for both parties, CNN will benefit from the gained trust among new-time viewers, while Neistat will have full creative control over the new company. Whether or not your views align with a democratic mindset, the platform—which will be more expansive than a single project, Neistat told The Verge—will surely be an interesting new media for journalism to check out.

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