The ‘Selfie Bottle’ campaign features a small camera made to snap a pic every time it’s tilted past 70 degrees

Gefen Team, the same creative agency that produced Coca Cola’s second screen campaign over in Israel, is back at it again with a new invention that hopes to capture the very moment one “tastes the feeling.” Emblematic of the age we’re now in, the Selfie Bottle is a standard 12 ounce of coke with a camera pointing inwards. That way, as you indulge, the bottle snaps a selfie and loads it to your connected social media apps.

Unfortunately, the bottle isn’t for sale as it was designed specifically for the Summer Love Event—an Israeli, Coca Cola-sponsored experience. That being said, with all of the innovation surrounding the fizzy beverage, we wouldn’t be too surprised if Coca Cola decided to further commercialize on either the Selfie Bottle or the Gett Cola marketing campaign sometime in the near future.

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