Skip the line with this autonomous vehicle concept that hastens the security-screening process

While checking in remotely and having your boarding pass on your phone has made the airport experience slightly better, the dreaded TSA line still looms as an affront to convenience once you arrive at the airport. Charles Bombardier, a mechanical engineer of the famed Bombardier family, and his team at Imaginactive, has come up with an idea for an autonomous minivan that takes passengers to the airport and enables them to get ready for a flight on the way.

Bombardier's concept, called Nexus, would accommodate up to four passengers in a self-driving van equipped to scan individuals through a metal detector as they get into the vehicle and read their passports. While on the way to the airport the vehicle would photograph each traveller and do a full body scan and drop passengers off, ready to board and without the need to go through another leg of security screening.

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