A Crowdfunded Train In Germany Is Trying To Dismantle The Transportation Monopoly

A Crowdfunded Train In Germany Is Trying To Dismantle The Transportation Monopoly
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An eco-friendly German train company is working to give commuters better service and cheaper tickets

Jennifer Passas
  • 20 december 2016

As the second-largest transport company in the world and the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe, Deutsche Bahn (DB) carries about two billion passengers each year. In order to help dismantle the monopoly that DB holds, a new company called Locomore is innovating the rail-service space by providing passengers with a crowdfunded, real alternative.


Locomore’s initial funding started on a German crowdfunding platform called StarNext and successfully raised over 250,000 Euros to develop service that offers passengers modified IC (inter city) coaches fitted with Wi-Fi, power outlets and tables.


Not only is the service half the price of a DB train, but tickets can be purchased online with no extra fees and passengers are even able to choose what type of riding experience they prefer, from a quiet ride to a “themed” car based on your interests. For example, you can choose to sit with people that similar interests with you such as comic books, football or knitting. To top things off, Locomore will provide business services with private compartments for people who need to work or conduct meetings.


The company has infused environmental responsibility into their service model using electricity from green power provider Naturstrom AG and providing sustainable and locally-sourced food and drink for guests.


Like many legacy rail networks around Europe, DB operates on a service and product model that was developed in the early part of 20th century. Locomore has been able to develop a brand that delivers an easier-to-use, friendlier and cheaper service than DB in a fresh and exciting way.



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