Startup EnviGreen has created biodegradeable and environmentally friendly substitute for disposable packaging

Excessive use of plastic bags and their unregulated disposal in India has resulted in overrun lakes, ponds and urban sewage systems throughout the country. Indian startup EnviGreen is hoping to provide a solution to the growing plastic problem with a 100 percent, biodegradable and eco-friendly bag that are safe to eat. Made from a combination of natural starch and vegetable oils, the edible bags look, feel and function like plastic without any of the harmful consequences.

EnviGreen founder Ashwath Hedge started looking into plastic waste after seeing people in India without an alternative to plastic bags which have been banned in a number of cities across the country. After experimenting for over four years, Hedge discovered a combination of 12 ingredients that when paired together function and feel like plastic. The completely natural ingredients—potato, tapioca, corn, natural starch, vegetable oil, banana and flower oil—are converted to liquid form and then processed in six stages to create the bags.

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