1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is an AR app designed to help people learn about the history and significance of the United State's capital building

Ever wanted a VIP tour of the White House? Today’s your lucky day, because now all you need to get a fully-fledged tour of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a smartphone and a dollar bill. In an effort to ensure the next generation understands the inner workings and history of the government, the current White House Committee has launched a new augmented reality app called 1600, utilizing similar technology used in Pokemon Go. 

Developed by  UK-based production company Nexus Studios, the app enables users to point their phone's camera at a $1 bill, focusing their smartphone's camera at George Washington's face, and watch as the White House appears atop of the bill on their screen. With a $1 bill lying on a flat surface the user. Once the White House is on the center of the bill, the narration by Press Secretary Josh Earnest begins, covering the history of the White House and the significance of the building.

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