The DIDGETS Collection helps those who have anxiety or are restlessly moving to focus while they are working

What if you could fidget to focus? Take that, elementary teachers of yesteryear. Belen Tenorio, a creative technologist in New York, created DIDGETS to help people with anxiety disorders remain focused. Considering over 40 million adults in the United States over the age of 18 suffer from anxiety disorders, Tenorio believes society has a flawed approach to handling mental illness.

There are three tools in the DIDGETS Collection: the rollers, the cubix and the squishy. The rollers are a pair of cylinders with wire connecting both ends, arranged to rotate in the palm of a user's hand. The cubix is the size of a six-sided dice with a push-pull copper wand sliced through the middle and taking up two sides, a pleasure button on one side and an indented side for massaging on the other. The last tool is the squishy—an orb with a spring down the middle, built to clap or bounce the two halves together using two fingers. Though the objects are small, they are sustainable, made from marble or corian.

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