DNA data has the potential to drive brands forward to new levels of unique product personalization

DNA sequencing just over a decade ago was an extremely expensive proposition costing approximately $3 billion dollars. Today, DNA sequencing, done mostly by San Diego-based company Illumina, has become a critical part of healthcare technology. A new spinoff of Illunina, called Helix, is hoping to democratize genomics to reveal insights into a person's lifestyle and personality traits that could eventually be used by brands to sell services and products.

There are levels to the amount of information available from decoding human DNA. Helix is using a process called exome sequencing that costs around $1,000 which provides a very full picture of a person's genetics by mapping the protein-coding region of the human genome. Using this type of mapping Helix has begun to partner with labs, clinics and consumer brands with the hopes to use the information to create products based on genetic information. Helix's ambition is to create an app-like platform where consumers can use their own DNA to help inform their decisions on what products to purchase.

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