The City Art Posters series by Hubert Roguski gives traditional cartography a new function

Tokyo-Based graphic designer Hubert Roguski created a series of map posters that combine retro design stylistics with the geography of modern cities. Roguski proves that even though we may not use physical maps to get us from point A to B, the tactility of maps can provide an engaging design aesthetic. The City Art Posters series is a multidimensional culmination of cartography, typography and graphic design.

The series includes over 80 cities, from Toronto to Osaka, and Roguski also created maps for all 50 U.S. states. Featuring different colors schemes like a dark blue watercolor palette, a nod to the flat aesthetics of Art Deco and simple monochromatic prints, the designs manage to be dense with intricate details. Some cities also come in a figure-ground diagram style, which shows the relationship between built and unbuilt space.

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