Handheld Device Makes Intricate Designs With Food

Handheld Device Makes Intricate Designs With Food
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Melt, doodle and eat with this hot glue gun that will be on top of every cheese lover's Christmas list

Azalea Pena
  • 9 december 2016

Are you a cheese lover? Well, this tool might just be your most favorite thing from here on out. Presenting Fondoodler, a handheld hot glue gun that melts cheese and allows you to doodle melted cheese on food in whatever way you want.

What can be done with Fondoodler? For one, it helps in designing nachos. It can also help in making a cheese tortilla bowl. And if you plan on making cheese sticks, the Fondoodler will come in handy too. This tool comes with a cheese propulsion valve allowing the user to have total control of the cheese flow. The Fondoodler can handle all forms of cheese and it guaranteed and certified as a food-safe product.


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