Healey Cypher, Founder and CEO of Oak Labs, shares why we should be thinking about the physical store as an e-commerce site

As part of our series centered around the PSFK Future of Retail 2017 report, Healey Cypher, co-founder and CEO of Oak Labs, offers insights on bridging the worlds of tech and retail by designing elegant, intuitive customer experiences that will transform the way we think about shopping.

When Tesla began in 2003, its founders centered around the reinvention of a traditional industry, they looked past Maranello, Stuttgart, and Detroit. They looked to an alternate reality. One where the touch of a button could change the entire interior of a vehicle. One where making cars drive autonomously was as simple as a software update sent over the airwaves. One where more than 400,000 customers would willingly wait in line for the next model.

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