Heineken Hosts A Zero Gravity Music Festival

Heineken Hosts A Zero Gravity Music Festival

Desperados brings together a DJ group to host a music party inside a plane as it dips up and down 30,000 feet

Zack Palm
  • 21 december 2016

What happens when you fuse together two of the best things in life—Science and beer? The ultimate bass drop experience. That’s right, even with your feet firmly on the ground, music festivals tend to be psychadelic, out-of-this-world experiences. Well, Heineken‘s tequila-flavored beer brand, Desperados, has taken them to whole new heights by hosting a zero gravity experience 30,000 feet above Las Vegas on November 21.


When the plane dipped down at 30,000 feet, the dance floor inside reached zero gravity with the 70 brave party attendees floating in the air. The Barong DJ Family organized with Levitin beforehand to ensure the right sounds were played when this happened. Levitin suggested low beat, so when the plane dropped, the bass dropped with it.


The event was filmed live as part of Desperados’ marketing campaign “Release your Inner Tequila”, promoting experimentation with music to celebrate people who explore out-of-the-ordinary experiences.


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