A new concept for the Oculus Rift hopes to connect people in virtual hangouts and encourage greater interaction on the social network

Up until now, putting on a virtual reality (VR) headset and the experience that ensues has been a fairly solitary experience. Facebook is hoping to change that by creating a VR experience that enables more social interactions called Parties. With the release of two new updates to Gear VR, Parties act as a virtual reality phone call paired with Oculus Rooms that gives you a space to “hang out” with friends.

Facebook's investment in VR has been quite extensive recently with hopes that VR will make the social network's vision of “connecting the world” an even more enriching experience. Parties will allow up to three people to connect, speak and interact with each other in Oculus Rooms—a virtual space that resembles a living room where you can play games, watch videos and hang out.

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