Ben Zifkin, founder of Hubba, explains how unlike big corporations, craft brands don't have to be omnipresent to be successful

The age of the goliath brand is over. Now, the Davids are running the show. The commerce landscape has consistently been dominated by giant corporations whose brands became extremely broad and in some ways generic.

Think about Gillette. What does Gillette mean to you?

Unless you get really excited about the prospect of a 37-blade razor, Gillette, as a brand, probably doesn’t mean much to you. It’s just the standard razor you buy at the store.

Now think about The Dollar Shave Club.

Think about their hilarious, flippant videos or the ease and value of their service. They have an attitude, a story, and even though their focus as a company is much narrower than Gillette’s, they have a much more complete identity.

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