Inspired by zoetropes, Loop places visitors inside the art to watch a story unfold

The Luminothérapie festival in Montreal features several public art displays in Montreal's arts quarter. This year, the main attraction was created by local designers Ekumen. They are displaying their latest design, Loop, which features wheels a pair of adults can fit inside of. Each of the 13 wheels displays a unique fairy tale for visitors to watch from their seats. All two-meter wide cylinders took three months to create.

The main inspiration behind Loop was the old design of a zoetrope. A zoetrope was a pre-film animation device that would display an array of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of motion. To create these displays, a person would have to manually speed up an object. The faster a person spun a zoetrope, the faster the animation. Eventually, zoetropes became obsolete as more sophisticated animation was introduced and the film industry advanced.

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