Elbi, the social sharing application, is working with David Yurman to leverage user generated content to highlight charity work

Tis the season to bring people together—especially over brands and their causes. David Yurman‘s holiday jewelry line has chosen to send microdonations on behalf of the company to one of seven different causes as part of David Yurman's “The Gift of Love and Light”  campaign. The charities were chosen by the social sharing-meets-crowdfunding application that promote charities, called Elbi.

How does the Elbi application work? Users on the application explore charity creations and can hit the “love” button to send $1 to that charity, in turn generating love coins based on how many times they either receive a “love” button or how many times they hit “love”. The love coins are then turned in for items on Elbi's reward list, combining crowdfunding and social sharing.

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