A phone unlike any other, this old school device is actually a boombox that will spin famous songs when you pick up and dial

Spotify? So passe. Ain't no better way to get into the 90's spirit than by throwing moves to beats coming from a payphone boombox! 

YouTuber FuzzyWobble is a self-proclaimed digital genius and why not? He was able to hack this old school payphone and turn it into a 90s boombox! How did he do it? He bought the old payphone online and installed an Arduino Mega processor as well as Adafruit speakers. He also put an amplifier. The boombox has a sensor in which it rings when a person passes by. This will prompt the person to pick up a call where he-she will hear instructions on how to use the boombox. By the way, the boombox also comes with a mini-booklet where the tracks and its phone numbers are listed down.

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