The Coffee Drop Printer uses a large canvas to design these unique images

Inventors have created machine printers to design creative edibles out of chocolate and pancake batter for a more artistic eating experience. Ted Kinsman, Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, has designed the Coffee Drop Printer to create large portraits of art using coffee drips.

The Coffee Drop Printer uses an Arduino and an x-y plotter. The Arduino can only store images at the size of 80×100 pixels. Though these images do not have the highest resolution, they are still recognizable once the portrait is completed. Kinsman has to experiment with the drip's height, size and the spaces between them. Kinsman uses a Mariotte siphon to drip the coffee. The siphon pulls in air at a certain level, depending on the reservoir left in the container he's using. This keeps the pressure constant for each drip of coffee.

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