Mercedes Has Launched Its Own P2P Car Sharing Service In Germany

Mercedes Has Launched Its Own P2P Car Sharing Service In Germany

Croove is a new peer-to-peer app that allows drivers to rent a vehicle on-demand

Jennifer Passas
  • 19 december 2016

Transportation options in the last decade have shifted dramatically with people moving away from owning their own vehicle to using on-demand services such as Uber and public transportation. Seeing the shift in transportation culture, German automaker Mercedes-Benz has decided to capitalize on the shift through a newly launched service, called Croove, that lets vehicle owner’s rent our their car when its not in use.

Croove is a P2P car sharing service that you can used for any brand or model of car. Owners provide information about their car by creating a profile which asks for information on the type of car, where it’s located and when it’s available for use. The only requirement for car owners is that they have a vehicles in good condition and no more than 15 years old.


Individuals looking to use Croove must register on the app, be 21 years of age and have a valid drivers license. Renters are able to go through a digital checklist of the vehicle’s condition, before and after use and pay for the ride through the app. Once the renter has completed their trip and dropped off the car at the designated spot they can leave a rating. One the rating is completed the car is unlocked for the next renter.

Croove is part of Mercedes-Benz CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric) strategy that has the goal of intelligently linking each of the four aforementioned trends to revolutionize the auto industry. The app is currently being piloted in Munich, Germany and is available on iOS devices. Based on the popularity of the service it could be expanded to more German cities in future.


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