This Mirror Tracks Your Dark Circles And Fine Lines

This Mirror Tracks Your Dark Circles And Fine Lines
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HiMirror is a device snaps a photo of your face every day to provide feedback on how to care for your skin

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 6 december 2016

Mirror mirror on the wall, you’re the most beautiful of them all—flaws ‘n all. What if you could stand in front of the mirror every day to actually get a virtual beauty makeover? HiMirror is making all your fairytale dreams come true, by taking a photo of your face every day and then analyzing your skin—from wrinkles and blemishes to dark circles and pores.


The goal of the product, which retails at $189 a pop, is to keep track of how your skin is evolving and help you spot problems early on, so that you can take action immediately. The mirror might tell you, for example, that while your face is showing fewer fine lines than the day before, the circles under your eyes are darker. It might then recommend that you drink more water and get a good night’s sleep as a remedy.


HiMirror also gives users access to video tutorials on skin care techniques, streams music from Spotify and provides a location-specific weather forecast. The device can also analyze whether the beauty products you use are ideal for treating your target areas, as HiMirror scans the barcode of your foundation or moisturizer and adds it to your “Beauty Box.”


Like many other smart devices, HiMirror is capable of responding to users’ voices, as long as they begin with the phrase, “HiMirror, listen” before giving it a command. For users who are concerned with keeping their data private, the mirror offers security features in the form of facial recognition software. In other words, it won’t start operating until it recognizes your face. You can also enable a login via spoken password.


For those requiring assistance with their physical appearance beyond the condition of their skin, the company also offers a smart scale that can measure body weight and fat percentage and then sends that information to HiMirror. In addition to its advice on beauty, the mirror also gives users information about weight loss.



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