From the Future of Retail 2017 report, PSFK Labs shares the importance of empowering employees with networked knowledge

In PSFK‘s Future of Retail 2017 report our researchers explore how the cornerstone of a successful retail model is the ability to quickly and effectively arm employees with the information they need to do their jobs more effectively.

In today’s competitive marketplace, a proliferation of new technologies has restructured the way that customers approach retail, transforming it from a destination-based practice into an always-on and always-available option. Shoppers have accordingly shifted their expectations, desiring a seamless path to purchase, regardless of when or where they want to buy. Companies born in this digital era have been quick to adapt to these new habits. However, established brands already operating at scale are carrying with them a legacy of systems and practices that can be a hindrance, and are not optimized for the current reality. In order to adapt, companies must update their practices, and effectively manage the flow of information and resources across a network of employees, stores and partners.

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