TreesCount! maps all the greenery in the five boroughs and even figures out how much money it saves the city

Perhaps money really does grow on trees! Thanks to TreesCount!, New York City residents can now know just how much each tree is contributing to the surrounding community.

Created by the New York City Parks and Recreation department, TreesCount! is a site that catalogues over 680,000 trees in the five boroughs of New York City. Those curious to see the kinds of trees in their neighborhood can do so quickly and easily thanks to the comprehensive, interactive display. Each tree falls into its own species category incorporating its Latin name, ID number, and trunk diameter. Additionally, each entry also includes the tree's conserved energy, collected stormwater, removed air pollutants and reduced carbon dioxide, and then calculates it into a monetary amount. Botany enthusiasts can even search the map by species or by size to see where the trees are planted across the city.

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