The Slimbox creates a uniquely sized container for any package you want to send, and is designed to be as easy to use as a copy machine

Shipping gifts for the holidays can be expensive, especially when you have to guess the right box size for what you want to send. Slimbox is looking to make the process easier by creating a box that will perfectly fit whatever you’re shipping.

The machine doesn’t create a box out of thin air, but it does laser cut cardboard to the perfect size. The machine comes with a cardboard measuring tool and app, which allows users to input all the necessary details and let the machine do the rest. It even comes with perforations so that all the edges fold smoothly and interlock for a seamless fit. If you have a heavier item to send, the machine can produce a thicker box to hold it. It also turn unused cardboard into cushioning for items that need a little more protection.

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