Phone-Controlled Duvet Cover Will Automatically Make The Bed

Phone-Controlled Duvet Cover Will Automatically Make The Bed

The app-enabled inflatable sheet puts your bed cover back in place when activated

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 december 2016

For those who dislike making their bed every morning, a team from Canada has developed SMARTDUVET to make it for you. It doesn’t replace existing bedding, instead it attaches to the duvet and slips inside the cover.

The thin and lightweight sheet of breathable material features a grid of inflatable tubes that allow for natural air circulation and prevent heat accumulation. When activated, the sheet’s air chamber is inflated to place the duvet back into position.


This easy and affordable bed-making solution features components made from resistant ABS plastic. There is a smart attach system for fitting the SMARTDUVET to your duvet cover and aligning it in position when activated, a connector to allow air to fill the sheet, and the air blower. The accompanying smartphone app lets you preset different bed-making times for each day of the week, so it makes the bed after you’ve got up and can work around your lying in during the weekend.


To fit the device, you simply need to remove your duvet from the cover and attach SMARTDUVET on top, before replacing them and connecting the tube for the air blower, which then sits under the bed.

The team created SMARTDUVET as they all wished at one point they had a self-making bed. It could be an enticing device for people who hate this household chore, and useful for those with mobility problems. SMARTDUVET is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where you can pledge $199 for a kit to fit any size bed.


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