Allergies, sleeping issues, eczema? Check if the answer to your problems is in the air

After trying many treatments to heal his newborn daughter’s eczema, CEO and co-founder of Awair Ronald Ro realized her condition was linked directly to the quality of the air around her. In order to alleviate her pain and to better understand what was in the air she breathed, he created Awair Glow, a device that tracks vital factors, such as temperature, humidity and toxin and chemical levels which determine the quality of air.

Thanks to Awair Glow’s color-coded LED light, you can check your room’s air quality with just a simple glance. For those wanting more in-depth analysis can get real time updates via a designated app. In addition, this wall-mounted device lets you plug other “non-smart” appliances, such as air conditioners, fans, humidifiers, portable heaters or air purifiers, and activates them at the pre-set time or when the air quality drops.

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