PSFK's Forecast 2020 examines how companies must evolve to offer tools for people to navigate, socialize, consume and live in the world as they see fit

By studying how consumers are digesting information in today's digital world, PSFK has created the Forecast 2020, a report that strategizes how brands and organizations can remain relevant as the power of choice grows in the hands of the individual.

The consumer of 2020 will actively search for products and resources that let them into the driver's seat, and it's up to brands and retailers to provide them with the tools to autonomy.

PSFK's researchers have analyzed how consumers today are already putting their money where their mouth is. From social media channels to crowdfunding platforms, we've seen how individuals are tailoring information and product use however they see fit. By the turn of the decade, these trends will inspire the creation of media operated by the consumer and for the consumer.

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