Grey London devised a new design to the WWF logo that features a polar bear disappearing into the background

The adorable panda bear has been at the heart of the World Wildlife Fund‘s brand since 1961, reminding us of the victims of human poaching and greed. But now another species is suffering from a more indirect effect of greed, one that will eventually affect everyone on earth.

The polar bear population is projected to fall by one-third in the next 40 years. With the belief that this bear is the best canary in the coal mine of our time, advertising agency Grey London decided to give a voice to the voiceless and emphasize the bears' invisibility, by creating a “minimalist” logo—a white bear on white background. The agency also created a GIF showing the transition between the two creatures, and said it is willing to work on a rebrand free-of-charge if the WWF is interested.

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