How Rent The Runway Leveraged Customer Data To Design Their In-Store Experience

How Rent The Runway Leveraged Customer Data To Design Their In-Store Experience

The features of the brick and mortar store include a service area similar to the Genius Bar and a studio that offers personal styling appointments

Marielle Castillo
  • 16 december 2016

Since 2009, Rent the Runway has been changing the meaning of ownership. Co-founded by Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, the fashion company gives people access to luxury experiences at a fraction of the cost and just opened a new 5,000 square feet store in New York, one that builds upon the data they’ve garnered on how its customers use the Rent the Runway website and app to enhance the retail experience.

Every detail of the store is designed to minimize the inconvenient aspects of in-store shopping: from the moment customers walk into the store, they’ll receive a personalized experience based on the company’s online shopping model and the store revolves around the brand’s Dream Closet. Check-in kiosks are available at the entrance, where shoppers can provide information about what they’re looking for, the occasion and their taste preferences. The store has over 60 dressing rooms and if the line is too long, shoppers are notified via text message when their fitting room is ready.

rent 3

rent the runway new york

The retail space is designed to look like a huge walk-in closet, with touchscreen displays that allow customers to search through Rent the Runway’s 200,000 items, bringing to life a personalized dream closet experience similar to the iconic Clueless closet.

rent 2

rent 4
The store will keep about 4,000 items in stock and inventory will rotate daily. Customers also have the option to use the app to request styles to try on in the store, and a RTR Post Box is located at the entrance so shoppers can drop off garment bags at their convenience.

rtr post in-store experience

Rent the Runway’s new store is open now at 30 West 15th St.

Rent the Runway

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