Finding affordable places to film can be difficult, so GETset was designed to help creators easily find good locations

Finding film locations can be a tricky business, especially if you're an independent production team on a budget. GETset is looking to become the Airbnb of filming locations with their new sharing service that provides crews with a way to find the film sets they need to create their cinematic works.

Founder Jonny Wright was inspired to make the service after he had trouble finding an appropriate location to film his short movie. The service allows users to put advertise their places for filming, whether it be a house, shack, boat or motor vehicle. Owners set the price themselves and can rent it out to any number of projects. It certainly seems like a great way make reap in some extra income with the space you already own, but according to the terms of services, you can't sue GETset for any damage crews may cause while they're there.

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