This Silicon Valley Startup Is Attempting To Reinvent The Ball

This Silicon Valley Startup Is Attempting To Reinvent The Ball

The Gameball by Play Impossible connects to an app featuring interactive games

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 december 2016

Startup Play Impossible has designed a connected ball that offers an enhanced active play experience for kids in the hope of tearing them away from videogames and social media. The 5-inch inflatable Gameball is packed with electronics including sensors, a microcontroller, Bluetooth radio, and an ultracapacitor. It is made of high-quality microfiber and connects to an accompanying app featuring a number of free interactive games and more available to purchase.

Developed for children aged 5-15, the Gameball has a unique gesture-based interface for controlling the app from a distance, with a 100-meter range and real-time updates. The games on offer incorporate movement, hand-eye coordination, and agility, with different levels, achievements and shareable moments. The app records play and highlight videos, which can be quickly published to social networks.


The team started Play Impossible because they wanted to make a digital active play experience that was fun. Gadi Amit, co-founder and chief product designer, said in a blog post:

“The ball is an ageless object and the fun of playing it doesn’t need to be reinvented, instead we’re connecting it to today’s mobile games and mobile-first audience. Starting this company has been a way for me to bring together the physical and digital to create pure and simple joy.”

The Gameball is due to be available at retail early next year from $99.99, with the app available on both iOS and Android. Play Impossible was selected as part of Indiegogo’s initial Crowd Equity Funding launch, a new opportunity to invest in early stage companies and products in return for equity. You can check out the Gameball in the video below:

Play Impossible

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