Ruggie is an alarm clock mat that forces you to physically place your feet on it in order to turn off, even speaking a motivational phrase to start the day off on the right foot

Getting out of bed can be a struggle, especially with the temptation of the snooze button. The Ruggie will help you get out of bed by making it the method by which you turn it off.

The device is simple—this rug alarm clock will only turn off once you step onto it with both feet, forcing you to physically leave your bed and start the day. The rug is made of memory foam, and will only stop once it feels sufficient pressure for three seconds, so you can’t just tap the rug to turn it off. Once it registers that you’re up, it will even speak motivational phrases to you. The clock can be adjusted with a panel hidden on the back, to make sure you always wake up at the right time. The Indiegogo campaign is still taking orders, having earned over 900 percent of its original goal.

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