Reach is an app that notifies people about recent crime in their area and lets them report any emergencies

Reach is an app that utilizes smartphone geolocation to help its users stay safe. The beauty of this social network is that users have the ability to crowdsource information on crime while having access to personalized functions that also keeps them out of harm’s way. Safety reporting is separated into three modules: social incidents, personal security and global network.

The social incidents feature allows users to report any suspicious and dangerous activities in their environment anonymously, allowing nearby users to get real-time notifications of these activities. On the personal security front, users can stay safe by alerting pre-selected close friends and families that they are in danger with just the touch of a button. Users can also request to view the location of other users. Lastly, the global network component notifies users who are traveling if there are any reports from the police or the fire department relating to their routes.

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