Upstream Research is a platform that provides pollution data along with health metrics to make large-scale environmental change visceral

Scott and Nick Bedbury believe that the future of environmentalism is in our backyards. As co-founders of the environmental and health analytics company Upstream Research, their goal is to inspire grassroots activism by making ecological data accessible for all. But people don't care about stats; they care about their personal health. By analyzing levels of environmental toxicity in relation to disease rates, Upstream Research adopts a tactile, intimate approach to environmental activism.

“We can change the way we look at the environment by making it more local and relating it to your health and your family's health,” says Nick Bedbury, Upstream Research's CEO. “At the same time we can also change the way we think about public health and the crossover of healthcare at large, and how you keep the community healthy.” To their knowledge, Upstream Research is the first platform to leverage both environmental and health data.

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