Tinder Created A Branded Podcast About Dating In the Digital Age

Tinder Created A Branded Podcast About Dating In the Digital Age
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The app has partnered with network Gimlet Media to create a show all about dating

Jennifer Passas
  • 21 december 2016

It is estimated that in English-speaking countries alone half a billion messages are sent on Tinder every month. For many, Tinder is viewed as the dating apocalypse for others simply a means to an end. No matter where you might fall on the spectrum of liking or disliking Tinder, one thing we can all agree upon is that digital dating leaves most of us confused on what the rules of the game are, or if there are any rules at all. In an effort to help humanize the digital dating world. Tinder has partnered with Gimlet Media to create a new podcast all about dating in the modern age.

The podcast, called DTR, standing for Define The Relationship, premiered the first week of December. It’s set to run for eight weeks with each episode focusing on a dating related topic. The two episodes that have aired so far are titled “Hey,” which centers around first messages exchanged online and the second episode, “Dick Pics,” is self-explanatory.

The tricky aspect of creating a branded podcast is for it not to be overly-branded. If a branded podcast feels like an extended commercial regaling the virtues of the brand it won’t gain much traction other than eye-rolls from the brand’s audience. What is required is for a brand to tell an interesting story that’s relevant to their audience, which Tinder seems to be doing well. An app like Tinder, while having the ability to connect you to others, can be a solitary and perhaps even lonely experience which this podcast helps humanize.

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Due to the digitalization of dating, people are facing new dating challenges, or perhaps the same old dating challenges with a digital twist which are hard to navigate. DTR could serve as a new platform for helping answer uncomfortable dating questions. Even if the podcast serves merely as a conversation about relationship successes and failures, it will most likely be successful because more than anything most of us just want to know that we’re not the only ones out there doomed to be single forever.

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