Tool Helps Designers Refuse Low Payment For Their Work

Tool Helps Designers Refuse Low Payment For Their Work

Graphic designer Jessica Hische created the email add-on to help people negotiate better pay in the industry

Rachel Pincus
  • 19 december 2016

As much as being a freelancer means saying yes to unusual projects, it also takes practice for freelancers of all types to become comfortable saying no to projects with unreasonably low budgets. Graphic designer Jessica Hische knows from experience that the internet is teeming with people expecting to get free work, and has made it the topic of her work, with a flowchart called “Should I Work For Free?” and now a new tool called “Client Email Helper” that helps you formulate polite, well-reasoned refusals to low payment.


The utility is designed to work for people in a variety of industries working for a variety of budgets, with color-coded text in the output emails reflecting the scenarios you choose. There are even letters for sticky freelance situations—for example, where there is no kill fee.

Edit these emails as you wish and stand up for your rights.

Jessica Hische

Lead Image: Cultural traditional masks global concept via Shutterstock

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