Amazon Launches A Data Center Built On A Semi Truck

Amazon Launches A Data Center Built On A Semi Truck

The Snowmobile is a state-of-the-art, military grade data center on wheels

Macala Wright
  • 12 december 2016

Need to move large amounts of data in your office? Thanks to Amazon, this task no longer instigates perpetual groaning sounds, as it announced a new service for uploading large amounts of data to its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage.


Snowmobile is a secure data truck that stores up to 100 PB of data and can help you to move exabytes to AWS in a matter of weeks (you can even get more than one if necessary!). Physically, Snowmobile is a 45 feet long, 9.6 feet high, and 8 feet wide tamper-resistant shipping container. It is water-resistant, climate-controlled and can be parked in a covered or uncovered area adjacent to your existing data center. Each Snowmobile consumes about 350 kW of AC power, and if you don’t have sufficient capacity on site, they can arrange a generator to ensure power stability.


On the security front, Snowmobile incorporates multiple layers of logical and physical protection including chain-of-custody tracking and video surveillance. Your data is encrypted before it is written and each container includes GPS tracking, with cellular or satellite connectivity back to AWS. Amazon arranges for a security vehicle escort when the Snowmobile is in transit and can also arrange for dedicated security guards while Snowmobile is onsite at your office.


Each Snowmobile includes a network cable connected to a high-speed switch capable of supporting 1TB/second of data across multiple 40GB/second connections. Assuming that your existing network can transfer data at that rate, you can fill a Snowmobile in about 10 days. Snowmobile is available in all AWS Regions and the company intends to make sure that Snowmobile is both faster and less expensive than using a network-based data transfer model.

Learn more at their webinar on December 15.


Images: In order to illustrate the process of developing and using a Snowmobile, Amazon Web Service Chief Evangelist Jeff Bar built a scale model using lego. See whole collection here.

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