Might building furniture and lights out of rose petals and coffee grounds point to more sustainable modes of living, as seen in Beirut Design Week?

Our very thinking of what constitutes as ‘waste’ has contributed to a mounting global problem that amounts to 1.3 billion costly and methane-emitting tons of garbage per year. That we’re on pace to discard 4 billion tons of waste per year by the end of the century is equally alarming. As part of Dubai Design Week, an exhibition curated by Beirut Design Week reveals a bold (and in some cases, bright) manner of upcycling our very concepts of rubbish and refuse.

55 percent of all accumulated waste happens to be organic matter. While there has been a push in many urban centers recently to pursue more composting in the home, efforts in this capacity won’t be enough to curb what some are calling a waste crisis.

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