Wear Your Mood With These Scented Lockets

Wear Your Mood With These Scented Lockets

The product is designed to use smell to affect emotions and feelings

Azalea Pena
  • 15 december 2016

What if you could wear your mood? Thanks to The Moodology™ Collection by Origami Owl®, you can infuse a new line of customized scented lockets with essential oils.

Origami Owl is a customized jewelry maker that specializes in charms and lockets. Last September it added a new feature to its jewelry line that allows wearers to put 100 percent pure essential oil blends into the lockets. There are four scents available: Pep in My Step, Bad Day Be Gone, There’s No Place Like Ohm and Slimmer Down Now. All scents come with a unique fragrance that can enhance what you’re feeling that day. All you need to do is add three drops of Moodology scent inside the locket disc and whiff away!

Moodology™ Collection | Origami Owl®

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