In a video going viral, Samsung collaborated with Casey Neistat to feature their technology in a novel way

Santa Claus and his reindeer? So passe. Taking the sleigh concept to whole new heights, renowned Youtuber Casey Neistat dressed up as Santa while riding a drone in Samsung's holiday campaign.

In the video, Neistat explains that no one has yet created a drone to sell on the open market to lift a human being in the air. Because of this, they had to make their own. Neistat was attached to a snowboard to make travel easier through the snow when carried by the colorful drone.

The video is rapidly growing into a viral sensation, surpassing three million views and reaching number four on YouTube's top trending videos this week alone. What's more, it exemplifies a great case study of how to effectively create branded content that can quickly reach a large number of people. Check out the video below:

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