3D-Printed Sustainable Clothing Hides Secret Messages

3D-Printed Sustainable Clothing Hides Secret Messages
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A German design student developed her own fashion line with hidden notes written in Braille

Zack Palm
  • 17 january 2017

Babette Sperling, a fashion design student attending the University of Zwickau in Germany, developed her own line of 3D-printed clothing. Sperling believed many of the 3D-printed clothing shown at fashion shows lacked three functionalities: comfortable for day-to-day wear, sustainably made and accessible to everyone—even the blind! Checking off all three requirements with her design, she used an eco-friendly 3D printer filament designed by German start up BioInspiration.

Using the natural filaments, Sperling created various dresses, tops and slacks that people can comfortably wear throughout the day. She also added a subtle design choice: hidden messages written in Braille to provide each piece of clothing a unique look and wearers with a deeper connection to their wardrobe.

Sperling brought the designs to the Mercedes Fashion Night where she won an Audience Choice Award. She was also invited to attend two future fashion competitions.

Babette Sperling

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