Mobile Technology Expert: How Should Brands Incorporate Augmented Reality In 2017?

Mobile Technology Expert: How Should Brands Incorporate Augmented Reality In 2017?
Augmented & Virtual Reality

From remote collaboration to product previews to an enhanced user experience, Appy Pie CEO Abhinav Girdhar explains how AR has the potential to disrupt and improve every aspect of the business space.

  • 13 january 2017

Over the years, augmented reality has predominately focused on the gaming world but as technology improves,  it has now emerged as a vital business tool that help organizations make staff more productive and connect with customers in innovative ways.

From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, almost everyone is jumping into the race to apply augmented reality to their business needs. Using this emerging technology, businesses are finding out ways to simulate the appearance of their products and provide a completely immersive experience to the customers heading to purchase them. Even analysts predict that augmented reality will revolutionize marketing, and collaboration, as well as reduce the cost of revenue acquisition.

Whether you work in retail, events, or healthcare, this technology has the potential to disrupt the business space as we know it — and for those looking to take advantage of its vast potential, here are five ways you can incorporate augmented reality into your business in 2017.

  • Better Customer Service

Augmented reality not only makes life easier for customer support staff of any organization, but it also helps them work smarter, and increase overall productivity. Perfect for the retail sector, augmented reality helps retailers create their own products, thus allowing customers to experience their favorite products by themselves. For example, a sales representative at a spectacles counter can utilize AR glasses to assist customers select the spectacles that best suit their appearance and style.

  • Visualizing Objects

Visualizing objects through augmented reality can help professionals interact with virtual 3D models in the real world. Through the ability of visualization, augmented reality allows users to get a better sense of the finished products, rather than flat image on the screen. Instead of waiting to see your vision transform from paper, with AR, an automotive engineer drawing a plan for a new car can use an AR viewer to view 3D virtual parts, based on which they can easily manipulate and refine the parts to get the right design.

  • Remote Guidance

Many people, such as engineers, salesman, etc., often spend maximum time working onsite, and at some point in time they face situations where they need a helping hand back from the office. Here is where augmented reality can come in handy and provide professionals with relevant information, like manuals or instructions, which helps them efficiently solve the specific task in front of them. Instead of a salesman visiting door-to-door selling products, they can utilize an AR viewer to help customers understand products and its utility.

  • Relationship Building

Augmented reality allow businesses the opportunity to develop their own products, improve user engagement, and build a long-lasting relationship with their customers. A viable marketing option, augmented reality helps organizations increase the scope of their business and inculcate a sense of mutual loyalty among the customers. For example, a travel company can make use of AR glasses to help customers experience wonderful places by themselves, and ensure that the experience they are communicating comes to fruition.

  • Innovative Working Methods

Besides giving a helping hand for remote guidance, augmented reality can also prove to be beneficial in improving work processes of an organization. With the functionality to recognize objects, augmented reality can change the scenario of today’s office culture, making it more productive and appealing. Instead of traveling to a site, an insurance company examining a wrecked car after an accident can make use of an AR headset to easily recognize the damage and the cost estimate for fixing it.

Although augmented reality is still very much in its infancy and has many challenges ahead, the foreseeable future is very bright for those that choose to take advantage of it – and if you haven’t already, it’s not too late to get behind the next big evolution.

Abhinav “Abs” Girdhar, CEO of Appy Pie, the leading cloud-based DIY mobile application builder software, has years of experience creating technologies that allow businesses to easily create mobile apps. 

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