Activewear Reflective Shirt Lets Wearers Go Straight From Office To Activity

Activewear Reflective Shirt Lets Wearers Go Straight From Office To Activity

Ravelin’s RSO1 combines fitness technology with a work-friendly aesthetic

Azalea Pena
  • 10 january 2017

Looking for a shirt that you can wear to the office and while biking after work? Ravelin’s RSO1 is the transition shirt you’ve been looking for. The shirt is specifically engineered and designed to meet the clothing needs of active individuals.

One of the most standout features of the RS01 is its 3M retroreflective design. When it’s dark, the activewear reflective shirt lights up for safety purposes.

RSO1_Reflective Shirts_Office to Activewear Shirt_PSFK.gif

Cyclists will benefit the most from the RS01 design as it also comes with wind block panels. These blocking panels will block the wind to prevent the wearer from feeling too cold as a result of high speeds or windchill. Furthermore, there’s a rear pocket that can be easily accessed with a snap-closure in the seam. It’s perfect for storing devices that can easily drop when you’re focused on the road.

Details have been minimized to create a sharp silhouette at maximum functionality.

RS01 Integrated Reflective Shirt


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